Hello Folks!

I have been meaning to hold myself accountable for my fitness goals in 2017 by posting my daily progress (or lack there of) on the interwebs!

And I thought, maybe, I might be helping someone who wants to get started along side me. The goal that I have for this year is a trivial one for most folks. I intend to run a half marathon.

I know, I know, that probably is not that hard. Or maybe it is. But for me, it is a task that I am 88.7% sure that I can’t accomplish. But I intend to. And that is the reason where I have this blog/page.

Instead of having to upload all my runs to one app (one of many which I have installed and uninstalled countless number of times), I thought I will write down the whole experience of how I go about it. I want to follow the Hal Higdon plan for a half marathon. But for that I need to first finish 5K. So I guess for the first few weeks, it will be training for a 5K post which I will move on to longer distances.

Anyways, here’s wonderwall…. errr..



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